If my professor misgenders me one more time… 

ohp can’t wait to hear all about it..

Jesus H… I’m sure Morgan will tell you about it. Once guy said something about not trusting women with birth control “because sometimes they’ll lie because they want to get pregnant.”

And then we talked about violence against people who are trans.

And then our professor used “retarded” casually, after we JUST got done talking about inequality for people with disabilities… 

I just… *sigh*

WoC in Solidarity Mod Post: “Colored People” vs. “People of Color”



We recently got an ask from someone who was wondering if we could (privately) please explain the difference between saying “colored people” and “people of color.” This, in tandem with the amount of asks we’ve gotten where people use the term “colored person” I thought it was important to make this clear for why we don’t like this term. And even though this is easily Google-able, we’re sick and tired of seeing people using this in our askbox so here’s a one stop source. 

The term “colored people” has been around for a loooooong time. White people used it to mean anyone who was nonwhite, but was mostly used to refer to black people in a derogatory and patronizing way. “Colored people” was invented by white people in order to be Othering and discriminatory. Now we understand the term means something different in some places, but when we hear/refer to this term, the definition we just gave you is the one that matters to us. 

The term “people of color”  as we use it today is much more recent, gaining popularity in the 1970s and 1980s in order to mean any person who is nonwhite. Franz Fanon is often credited as first using the term in order to talk about racism in a more inclusive way. “People of color” as we know it was coined in order to connect “minorities” (ugh) in order to celebrate our differences while acknowledging the racism and prejudices that we all face.

Some people do not like the term PoC because it can be erasing if individual groups and people, but I think it’s more about being in solidarity with one another. It is a term that we have created and that we chose to identify as. Sometimes PoC use the term “colored people” to refer to themselves or their works (like Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf) and that’s okay because that’s our word to reclaim and our word to use.

But at the end of the day if someone is asking you not to call them something because it is offensive then do not call them that. We do not want to be referred to as “colored women,” and will delete any ask that comes at us using the term “colored people.” So stop using it.  

- the mods 

It’s looking like I need to post something about this again…

Class is making me so FUCKING MAD. 



My sexual orientation is girls who look like they could beat me up and boys who look like they wouldn’t stand a chance

its in words

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